Participation in the opening of the “Family Enterprise” exhibition

Family business support is one of the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The RF CCI has developed the project “Development of family business”, which offers a complex of measures to facilitate business activity, to provide targeted state support and social guarantees for participants in family enterprises.

The RF CCI experts together with the business community and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development have defined the concept of “family business”. The possibility of legitimization of this concept and introduction of a special patent was discussed during a business meeting between the President of the RF CCI Sergey Katyrin and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin a week ago. The Head of the State supported the RF CCI in development of family business in the country, stating that it is necessary “to give a definition of family business, so that it becomes a concept to allow people to work fully, receive support and avoid problems”. It is worth mentioning that in the global economy family-owned companies provide from 50% to 80% of jobs. Their share in the number of companies worldwide exceeds two thirds. The entire volume of small business companies in Russia accounts for about 20% of GDP. There are also families in our region with members jointly engaged in business. Representatives of ME Agrotech Nikita Milyukov and Stepan Milyukov attended the opening of the exhibition “Family Enterprise – the Foundation for the Development of the Russian Economy” and the round table “Ways to Develop Family Entrepreneurship: A Constructive Dialogue between Business and Authorities” held in May.

Participants of the meeting emphasized that over the past year no breakthrough technologies have been widely introduced to significantly reduce the cost of shale gas production. At the same time, toughening of ecological requirements for companies developing shale deposits can increase the cost of shale gas production.

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