High-precision metalwork on CNC equipment

CNC turning and milling machining center allows high-precision work in large volumes in a short time without loss of quality.

Failure of the necessary metal parts, their wear or the need to make universal materials is familiar to everyone who works with engineering units. This is the specificity of our activity – high-precision metalwork of any complexity.

We change the shape, size and properties of initial metals using CNC machines (with numerical software). It is a labour - intensive process, but we simplify it and reduce the time of work, thanks to professional staff in metal processing and the automation process itself.

None of the repair, construction, instrumentation and machinery engineering works are complete without fasteners, non-typical metal products and corresponding structures. Therefore, any fields involving metal tools, equipment and parts require metalworking services. The automated process of our work saves your time and money.

Many years of experience and highly qualified engineering staff of the company allow us working with each customer individually and satisfy his needs, to go from a 3D-model of the product to its manufacture in the shortest possible time.

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